Scenic Drives

Coronado Trail
Everyone’s favorite drive is along the Coronado Trail Scenic Byway – US Highway 191. Driving south from Alpine you gain in elevation until you reach Hannagan Meadow Lodge at 9100 feet. Even though Hannagan Meadow is 22 miles south of Alpine, the driving time doubles due to the slow and winding road. You can continue south towards Morenci, known for its large copper mine.

Blue River Road
This is a graveled road to the small ranching town of Blue, Arizona.

Big Lake Road (FR 249)
A graveled road off of US Hwy 191 towards Big Lake Recreation Area.

Hulsey Lake Rd (FR 56)
A graveled road towards Terry Flats Loop. Take a detour to see Hulsey Lake (short walk). Continue driving along the Terry Flats Loop then drive back down towards US Hwy 191.

Black River Road (FR 276)
Another graveled road that takes you along the East Fork of the Black River.

State Route 261
This is a paved road from Eagar to State Route 273. Follow SR 273 as long as you wish.

Fall Colors Scenic Drives (early October)

  • North on US 191 Coronado Trail Scenic Byway – near the small town of Nutrioso, AZ. Shrubs along the road turn pink and orange colors.
  • Big Lake Road (FR 249) is a graveled road to Williams Valley. Aspen trees turning yellow.
  • Escudilla Mountain Trailhead parking lot. Aspen trees turning yellow. Nearby is Terry Flats Loop ( graveled road) & hiking to Escudilla Mountain peak to take in a vista of color.
  • FR 403 (off of US Hwy 191) Aspen stands turning yellow.